Established for over three decades specializing in Gold , Silver and Tin Plaiting.

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 Why Electroplating ?

Electro plating ,or chroming , allows you to  make a special item to you , completely unique.

It may also allow previously chromed items to have a new lease of life instead of being disposed of. It may allow Old items to be repaired where original new replacements are no longer available. It is completely up to your requirements and imagination - let us help you create.

How are Metals Plated

Release your Imagination

A happy classic car customer

- Specialist items

- Custom and repaired vehicle parts

- Hotel cutlery renewal

- Door handles , fixtures and fittings

- Jewelry

 -Marine parts

About Us

Please let us know your requirements and we will  be happy to provide a quotation

“Trying to find the original parts for my classic car was impossible.

The option to have the bumper repaired and re-chromed made it like new - at times - I thought this was going to be impossible.”

Established in 1990,as a small steel fabricator and metals forming center,we have now expanded to produce a wide range of metal products thanks for our skilled staff.

We provide high quality electroplating services such as Zinc, Nickel, Chrome, Brass, Siliver and Gold.

There are also different types of finish available such as tin,antique and copper along with many additional custom services

Over three decades of experience,we are committed to providing the best  quality plaiting finishing and complete customer satisfaction.

The expertise for molding of Aluminum and Brass is also available with all types of designs available.

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